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TexRAD attending AOCR and IRIA conferences in Mumbai, India

Dr Balaji Ganeshan will be attending the 17th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) & 71st National Conference of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) in Mumbai, India from the 25th-28th January.

We invite those of you in attendance to get in contact with Dr Ganeshan on to arrange to meet with him, where he will be happy to discuss TexRAD texture analysis in medical imaging.

Follow the link for more details on the events:

TexRAD gives guest lecture at Dr D Y Patil Medical College in India

Dr Balaji Ganeshan presented and gave a demonstration of TexRAD as part of the topic ‘Advances in Medical Imaging’ at the college’s department of radiology on the 3rd of January 2018.

The talk was titled “Quantifying Tumour Heterogeneity with TexRAD Texture Analysis on CT and MRI – Ready for Prime Time?”

Brief Abstract

Tumour heterogeneity is a well-recognised feature of malignancy associated with increased tumour aggression and treatment resistance. It can be evaluated at genetic, epigenetic and phenotypical levels. Heterogeneity can alter biological and physical factors such as vascularity (angiogenesis), necrosis, fibrosis, proliferation and hypoxia etc. Texture analysis of diagnostic images such as CT, MRI and PET can quantify and provide an objective measurement of heterogeneity which can assist in radiological and oncological practice. TexRAD is a well established and widely published technique of Texture analysis.

The talk’s key discussion points included:
·   What does TexRAD texture analysis actually mean?
·   Biological correlates
·   Clinical validation – prognosis, disease-severity, treatment-response/prediction
·   Technical validation
·   Clinical utility and cost-effectiveness