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TexRAD to Attend RSNA 2014

TexRAD is attending the 100th scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America on the 30th November to 5th December 2014 themed ‘A century of transforming medicine’ at the McCormick Place in Chicago, USA. 

Dr. Balaji Ganeshan will be presenting a number of TexRAD related papers particularly in colorectal cancer prognosis and response evaluation at RSNA. The details of papers and presentations related to TexRAD to be presented at RSNA this year are given below.

We hope to meet you at the RSNA meeting. Please email us ( / to specify some convenient dates and times and we will ensure that Dr. Balaji Ganeshan (Scientific-Director, TexRAD Ltd) and/or Mike Hayball (Managing-Director CCI Ltd) are able to give you their full attention. We can give a TexRAD scientific presentation and software demonstration (which includes Texture-processor and a novel Data-Mining tool to undertake the statistical analyses and identify interesting parameters leading to research publications!). In addition, we will discuss how TexRAD can assist you to enhance your research output in your specific areas of interest similar to the number of other prestigious research and clinical institutions around the world.

In addition, we will be attending Her Majesty’s Consul General’s reception at 6pm on Monday December 1st.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you at RSNA!




Sun Nov 30 2014 11:15AM – 11:25AM ROOM E450A

MRI Tumor Heterogeneity as a Potential Prognostic Imaging Biomarker in Patients with Rectal Cancer Treated with Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy

Omer Jalil | Balaji Ganeshan PhD | Asim Afaq FRCR | Tan Arulampalam | Darren Boone MRCS, FRCR |Ashley M. Groves MBBS


Sun Nov 30 2014 11:35AM – 11:45AM ROOM E450A

Performance of Texture Analysis, Diffusion Weighted Imaging and Perfusion Imaging in Predicting Tumoral Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer Patients Studied with 3T MR

Carlo Nicola de Cecco MD | Maria Ciolina MD | Balaji Ganeshan PhD | Marco Rengo MD | Luca Saba MD |Andrea Laghi MD


Tues Dec 02 2014 10:30AM – 10:40AM ROOM S402AB

Classification of Renal Masses Using CT Texture Analysis: Generation of A Predictive Model on the Basis of Quantitative Spatial Frequency Measurements and Random Forest Modeling

Siva P. Raman MD | Yifei Chen BS | James L. Schroeder PhD | Peng Huang | Elliot K. Fishman MD


Tues Dec 02 2014 11:10AM – 11:20AM ROOM S402AB

CT Texture Analysis of Histologically Proven Benign and Malignant Lung Lesions

Roberto Lo Gullo MD | Mannudeep K. Kalra MD | Atul Padole MD | Alexi Otrakji MD | Jo-Anne O. Shepard MD | Subba R. Digumarthy MD | Sarabjeet Singh MD | Ranish Deedar Ali Khawaja MD


Tues Dec 05 2014 12:45PM-01:15PM ROOM S503AB

Role of Tumor Texture Analysis on CT Image and Tumor Metabolism Measured by FDG-PET in the Management of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Koichi Hayano MD | Naveen Kulkarni MD | Fang Tian MD | Dushyant V. Sahani MD


Tue Dec 02 2014 3:00PM – 3:10PM ROOM S505AB

18F-FDG PET: An Independent Prognostic Biomarker in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Thida Win | Nicholas J. Screaton BMBCh | Joanna C. Porter PhD, FRCP | Balaji Ganeshan PhD | Lynn Millner | Ashley M. Groves MBBS


Wed Dec 03 2014 03:00PM – 03:10PM ROOM S404CD

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer: Efficacy of CT Texture Analysis in Assessment of Histological Subtype

Roberto Lo Gullo MD | Mannudeep K. Kalra MD | Alexi Otrakji MD | Lecia Sequist | Jo-Anne O. Shepard MD| Subba R. Digumarthy MD | Zofia Piotrowska


Thu Dec 04 2014 11:10AM – 11:20AM ROOM E350

PETCT Derived Tumoural Heterogeneity and Glucose Uptake Predicts Survival in Primary Colorectal Cancer Patients

Ming Young S. Wan MBBChir | Balaji Ganeshan PhD | Alec Engledow | Daren Francis | Nick Reay-Jones | Manuel Rodriguez-Justo | Marie Meagher | Jacquie Peck | Kim Jaggs | Helen Whiteway | Jackie Hayward | Zia Saad | Faira Rizal |Jakub Nalepa | Michael Hayball | Robert Kozarski | Peter J. Ell MD | Stuart A. Taylor MBBS | Steve Halligan MD | Kenneth Miles | Ashley M. Groves MBBS


Thu Dec 04 2014 12:15PM – 12:45AM ROOM IN Community, Learning Center

Texture Analysis with Predictive Modeling of Solid Appearing Pancreatic Serous Cystadenomas versus Neuroendocrine Tumors

Franco Verde MD | Siva P. Raman MD | Linda C. Chu MD | Yifei Chen BS | Peng Huang | Elliot K. Fishman MD